Along with the good (SNOW!) comes the bad (BUSH! NEO-CON IDIOTS!). Here are a bunch of random links. The first two are pilfered from Bitch. Ph.D. and the second from the resident wunderkind at Nervousness.

Bush and sex ed. Link 1. Link 2.

Ann Coulter is fucking moron and so is Tucker Carlson. A sample:

ELLIS HENICAN [Newsday columnist]: We share a lot of culture and a lot of interests. Why do we want to have to ridicule them and be deeply offended if they disagree with us?

COULTER: Because they speak French.

COLMES: There's something else I want to point out about the French. Is it's fashionable again on your side to denounce the French.

COULTER: We like the English-speaking Canadians.


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