A Mouse in the House

Mouchie, the neighbor’s cat, is crouched in front of the cupboard where the onions, linens, recycling, and garbage are kept. Occassionally she jabs her paw under the cupboard or moves to one side. There is a mouse under the cupboard thanks to Mouchie. Friday night, as I was brushing my teeth, K. let the cat in. I heard her exclaim, “Moooouchie!” and came out of the bathroom to see why the cat was in trouble. It trotted into the living room with a mouse in its mouth. Only the hind legs and tail were visible. I shrieked. K. shrieked. We both shrieked some more and the mouse got away after a good forty-five minute chase.

We chased it some more on Saturday morning but that’s when it ran under the kitchen cupboard. It hasn’t moved since. We’ve heard it munching on onion skins the past few days. Tonight, I buy traps. And peanutbutter. If I remember. K. and I have been vowing to buy traps since Friday night. -Zh.


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