There's No Place Like Home

Since arriving in Toronto, I have

1. been to Little India and consumed chana bhatura.

2. received one needlessly cranky e-mail from the grad coordinator, which reminded me why my department sucks.

3. discovered that U of T has imposed a quota on wireless use, which reminded me of how money-grubbing this place is.

4. made plans to visit a few of my favourite places on the west side of Toronto.

5. been informed that Maiakovskii looks "yucky." Uh, I won't criticize what I consider to be your questionable aesthetic taste if you don't criticize what you consider to be my questionable aesthetic taste.

6. avoided NoFrills like the plague.

7. read a short story by Bunin.

8. had my first beer in eight weeks.

9. started going to the library every day like the good little grad student I need to be in order to end my stay in this particuar circle of hell.



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