Tomorrow is the day when everyone at Russian Boot Camp writes the final exam. For the first time since arriving here, the dorm is silent. No one is even bothering to chat in the hallway or the common area. I find this odd because I know that no one in my level is planning on seriously studying. We are all diligently not studying, which is harder than it sounds. I've written some postcards, had some ice cream with mashed-up M & Ms, looked at websites and blogs I hardly ever read, actually clicked on all of the links at Maud Newton, started reading a Russian novel on-line, and contemplated packing. I've done all this with my folder of old tests and compositions open on the bed beside me. In order to properly not study, one must have a study aid visible at all times. I'm getting tired of not studying, though. I suppose that it might be time to decide how to end not studying. Should I go to bed or actually study? -Zh.


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