Michael Moore

"Though a talented film-maker and a clever showman, a populist who knows how to play the maverick, he is too often both big-headed and small-minded. In his desire to be seen as the decent man telling truth to power, he is too ready to blame those less powerful than himself for his shortcomings. He was justly revered in the Palais, but out on the street no one had a kind word to say about him. At Cannes, Moore may have been the star but he was not, it seems, the man of the people."


My favorite part of the article is when the author equates Moore with Stalin before, in the next paragraph, going "psyche." Yes, I did just use the word "psyche" in its junior-high form. I don't like Michael Moore but I wouldn't go that far. I am going to give the writer a couple of points for rhetorical style and using a reference from my field, though. -Zh.


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