There will be no sewing class tonight. While I am somewhat relieved because I didn't really want to go, it does suck that someone's illness has provided me with this reprieve. The skirt is coming along. I've cut out all the pieces, but still need to chalk in the darts, the notches, the hem, and the seam allowance. I should also iron the interfacing onto my waist band, purchase a zipper, and finish the seams. I'm enjoying the practicality of the whole endeavor, but I can't shake the feeling of impending doom as I get closer and closer to putting the garment together. I'm sure that my inability to cut in a straight line and my fabric's tendency to wrinkle when breathed upon hasn't helped matters.

The worst thing about sewing class being cancelled tonight is that K. is working the evening and won't be home until after I'm in bed.

Below is a picture that, while not brilliantly composed or anything, I've been meaning to share. It's my landlord's other car, which he doesn't drive, after the household shoveled itself out earlier this month. The sun has been bright enough to melt some of the snow with the added bonus that the entire driveway has turned into a skating rink. -Zh.


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