One more sleep...

...until I mail off my grant application. I can't wait to get rid of this thing. I hope that there's an inverse relationship between the pain of birthing it and the pain caused by the organization's response. In case my metaphor is, as usual, obtuse, I hope that I get the money. I am currently waiting for corrections for my Czech-language proposal, which, from an e-mail I received about three hours ago, I should have received much, much earlier and I am attempting to harness my brain for one last push: How studying Macha's legacy in the 1930s contributes to a body of knowledge that will help U.S. policy makers. Given that U.S. policy makers are, well, stupid money-grubbing nitwits, who do not care for "the locals" or kulta', I don't know how it can help. Do you? -Zh.


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