Just got back from a weekend at aunt C's. It was her 60th birthday, and providing an appropriately extravagant cake was my duty. So, I used an old family recipe for spice cake (which I made extra-spicy), made some creme fraiche, and brought the three cake layers, the creme fraiche, and some cream to my aunt's for assembly. Mom whipped the creme fraiche with some brandy and spread it between the layers, while I made caramel to pour over the top. It was quite an enterprise, and Zh. caught the all the action on camera. The cake turned out great, but it was GIGANTIC. It probably could have served 20. There were 8 of us. But damn, was it ever impressive. Next time though, I may use only two layers.

On a side note, the weekend was a blast. Many games of cribbage were played. Much food and drink was consumed, all of it tasty. I love being part of a family of cooks. -K.


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