I'm too scattered and stressed to post at the moment. And I'll probably remain this way until Sparky, the laptop is back in my hot little hands. My e-mail inbox had two hundred new messages in it this morning. None of them were spam. But here's a news round-up.

1. I held a mock-defense in my head yesterday in which I finally explained in clear concise language how my chapter on the PLK and Macha differs from Herta Schmid's article on the same topic. I can write my chapter in peace now.

2. Ptichka went strawberry picking yesterday. Yummy.

3. This post about queerness got me thinking about my identity. I've never sat down and theorized the gay part of my identity. I'm more prone to theorize about nationality and gender but sexual orientation never really came into any of my thoughts about identity. And thanks to Dr. B, I'm beginning to realize why in such a way that I can articulate it. While being gay is normally considered part of an individual's idenity (lifestyle and all that jazz), it's always been about action for me. Indeed. Which is probably why it took me a long, long time to realize that homophobic remarks were directed at me too. And I'm not joking about my naivete there. It did really take a while for that connection to be made. I never really considered gayness part of my personal inditity. I just happen to be married to a woman. More later? Maybe. If I ever get through this chapter.


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