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I know that if I were an ardent Conservative (HA!), I would be upset by the obscure motion used by the Liberals to pass the budget amendment last night. I would be nodding aggressively and ignoring the fact that the CP has recently made deals with the Separatists when Peter MacKay gets all indignant and says
Let's be clear, the Liberal party is now cutting deals with the separatists, to appease the socialists, to prop up their corrupt government.
I also would not be doubting Tom Velk's sincerity about his desire to reform the Canadian political system for the better. But I'm not an ardent conservative. I'm one of them there socialists so I'm thrilled that the budget amendment passed, I remembered that kissy-kissy picture of Harper and Duceppe on the cover of The National Post from a few weeks ago while MacKay sputtered indignantly, and I doubt that Velk would be writing about the need for political reforms if the Conservative Party were in charge. I also wonder why he doesn't acknowledge the fact that the American system is broken too.

But it sounds like I'm going to be able to be acknowledged as one half of a married couple in Alberta before Canada Day. Yeehaw!


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