I know that many of my Canadian friends who can vote are rather smug about the CPC. They assure me that the alignment of the party with the religious right will alienate the party from the average Canadian. While I'd like to believe them, I did watch the religious right take over my country. And the thing is, the moderates and lefties and the way-way-lefties haven't been able to match the organizational skills of the religious right. So when religious leaders like Reverend Tristan Emmanuel who run Canadian organizations the main purpose of which is to put Christian morality back in the civil arena say things like:

Now we have to focus on the federal election. We need to engage that same base we've been mobilizing, we need to add to it ... this [same-sex marriage] certainly is a very important issue for a significant body of Canadians.

I worry. Intolerant nut jobs are nut jobs until they have power and then, well, they can really screw up your life even if they are still nut jobs. And even if the rest of the world thinks that you are a paragon of tolerance.


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