La Peste without the Good Stuff

Last night, as Ptichka and I watched the season finale of The Amazing Race, we saw ads for what we think may be the dumbest Canadian made-for-television movie ever: Plague City: SARS in Toronto. What I remember from the SARS outbreak: a gaggle of French students gleefully wearing masks at Pearson during a stop over, Toronto's resident fuckwit (and former mayor) Mel Lastman on CNN revealing that Torontonians had elected and then re-elected a man who didn't know who WHO was, my advisor giving me a surgical mask as a gag gift in honour of my post-comps trip home, and nothing much else. No one dropped dead on the streetcar. No one changed their life style. Except for the random news reports, no one really took much notice of SARS in Toronto. So, yeah, I predict that this is going to be one boring and pointless movie. Unless, of course, they make stuff up.


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