Reality Bites: A Round-Up

Tuesday is reality tv day chez nous. My butt is plunked down on the couch from the Jeopardy! theme song until I decide to wander off to do something else during The Amazing Race. I wanted to wander off much earlier than usual last night because everything was just so bloody dismal.

1. Everyone sucked on AI last night. Everyone. Hopefully Anthony will get the boot because, although I'm sure he's a sweet kid, he so obviously sucks. The preteen-girl-gay-man alliance can only last so long. Scott, to his credit, seems to be trying to act like a nice guy now and gave his best performance ever when he sang "On Broadway" but I still don't like him. Bo. Eh. Bo. Vonzelle sang the crap song from the crap AI charity album, and Carrie? She gets the same reaction as Bo: Eh. Carrie. They're just all so boring. In fact, the highlight of AI last night was a Mentos ad.

2. Rob and Amber are back in first place on The Amazing Race. While I appreciate Rob's savviness, there is no joy in rooting for them. None. It's like rooting for Godzilla over Bambi. As long as Ron and Kelly don't win next week, I don't really care. If Joyce and Uchenna somehow manage to come through, there will be some screaming coming from the living room and if Rob and Amber win it (that "if" should actually be a "when"), Ptichka and I will nod at the television, turn it off, and go to bed knowing that the universe doesn't really like an upset. Those only happen in movies.


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