It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Kicks the Cat

Ptichka and I own a couple of ballet workout videos, which are great fun, if you can pretend that you're as graceful as the dancers in the video (or, I suppose, if you actually are that graceful). Even the neighbor's cat likes them. Well, she's at least fascinated with ballet feet. Not the ones on the video, mind you. The ones belonging to the person doing the video in the living room are more her speed. If I ignore the fact that balancing on one foot is quite difficult with a cat checking out your ankle, it's cute. A cute cat thing over which everyone can coo. I am worried, however, that she'll get too close just before the kicking starts. Our ceilings are pretty low and a grande battement could, well,...it would be ugly.

I think that I'll shut her up in the bedroom the next time I do the video.


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