I've been in bed these past two days listening to my cough develop and feeling my throat fill with phlegm. This has been much more interesting to me than art, my chapter, the frank discussion I had with my advisor about world views, the neighbor's cat waking me at 6.00 am by knocking over a plant, and my recent trip down an ever-changing main drag west. But I know that you're not particularly interested in my phlegm and cough. In fact, you're probably grossed out by it. So, until my brain unfogs, there won't be a peep from me.

I will leave you with one rant: One of the fancy pants centres here is offering a fellowship. For it one must supply five original transcripts from all universities one has attended. My undergrad institution has free transcripts, the MA-instutition has four-USD transcripts, my PhD-instutition has ten-dollar transcripts, and I won't even get into all of the places I've studied during the summers. Every other organization demanding multiples sucks it up and photocopies the transcripts themselves, but not aforementioned fancy pants centre here. I don't know why I'm surprised, teaching critical thinking skills is second to squeezing blood from rocks at this particular university. Oh, and the pm deadline for the application is Good Friday. That's a holiday here. Nimrods.


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