If you're a student

in Toronto, tomorrow is a day of action calling for adequate government funding for post-secondary education. The rally will occur at 14.00 at Queen's Park. The University of Toronto is granting students a partial academic amnesty:

"We have been asked by many campus groups to ask faculty members to try to accommodate students who are unable to meet their academic obligations on February 3 as a result of their participation in the day of action. We would request that faculty members not penalize students for non-attendance at classes in the afternoon of that day and, where possible, to permit students the opportunity to complete an assignment or test at another time if the student's participation in the campaign necessitates this. The decision to grant dispensation to students must remain in the judgment of individual faculty members. Furthermore, we recognize that compelling academic considerations may well make dispensation impossible. We simply ask that faculty members be guided by the request to give broad campus support for the fundamental goal of the
day of action: stronger public funding for higher education."

I just ran though a mental list of all the profs in my department. Most of them would penalize students for attending the rally instead of class, but if your profs are of a more activist vein, you have no excuses. The weather's supposed to be nice and everything.


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