Now We Know

K. and I had begun thinking that the neighbor's cat, aka Mouchie or RZA, had abandoned her owner. He has a new girlfriend and although they've stopped having loud sex all the time, RZA might have still been punishing him for even trying to replace her as the sole object of his affection. But there was more. To make matters worse, the new girlfriend has a cat and now that the girlfriend would appear to have moved in, the cat, who has a stupid name that I shall not repeat (yes, stupider than the neighbor's cat's actual name), now lives above us too. The stupidly named cat is an indoor kitty. She never leaves the apartment and the two only sort of get along. So when push comes to shove, RZA is thrown outdoors, where she remains only long enough to reach our front door. So poor RZA has lost out to 1. a stupidly named indoor cat and 2. the source of a constant supply of sex. There's really no way she could have competed with number two, anyway. RZA does go home, though. Today, as I was lying in bed, I heard our upstairs neighbor say, "RZA! Stop that!" Two minutes later she was at our front door. It's reassuring to know that she does still go home and that she behaves the same way for her owner as she does for us. -Zh.


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