Library 3; Zh. 0

I had been browsing through the linguistics section of the library for the past couple of days, looking for vol. 43-44 part 1 of Literary Heritage (Literaturnoe nasledstvo) thinking that I had tucked it somewhere in the stacks before the wedding. I found this idea highly improbable because even I am not that selfish when it comes to library resources. Well, last Friday I had vol. 43-44 part 2 of Literary Heritage in my carrel and then put it on a table to be re-shelved at the end of the day. Well folks, it's still not in its proper place. The elevator has consumed the only two volumes of Literary Heritage that I will probably ever need. The collection of Burian manifestos, which was used at the same time as the first part of Literary Heritage is probably in the same place, and I have a "narrative" to write. I'm probably actually in the hole here. Crappy library. -Zh.


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