Since the green blog is gone (I swear, it looked really really good on our Apple!) I decided to mourn its loss by making green food. And no, I don't mean eggs and ham. I spent the weekend with my Aunt C., who lives just outside of Toronto, and she sent me home with a huge wad of parsley that she'd bought and couldn't possibly use. Combine that with the weird bland-fish cravings I've been having lately, and I found myself at the Whole Foods (land o' crazy upscale shopping) buying a beautiful piece of halibut to serve with my green food. Back home, I sauteed the fish in a little olive oil, cooked up some organic brown rice (also courtesy of Whole Foods), and reduced the giant pile of parsley to a small bowl of salsa verde. Want to make some of your very own? Here's what you do: In a food processor, combine one bunch parsley, a minced or chopped garlic clove, juice of one lemon, and a few spoonfuls of capers. Whizz with enough olive oil for the mixture to form a thick, pesto-like sauce. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve with almost anything (especially anything bland). You can add anchovies or a little mustard if you'd like.

Whole Foods, by the way, is a minefield of "I've been meaning to get some of this!" Which is why I came home with not only halibut and rice, but also with some fleur de sel, some real vanilla, and some organic tahini. oops. -K.


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