So, once again, I played around with the template. The blog looks pretty good on our iBook, but I just took a look at it on campus and gracious, it's garish. I guess that lime green, no matter how much I love it, is ever a good choice for things I will be sharing with other people.

Now, back to editing so that I can work on my own stuff again, since come Friday evening I will have in my possession fifteen undergraduate essays on Russian and Soviet film. I am not looking forward to the essays on any aspect of Tarkovskii's oeuvre because I've noticed that he has a way of tripping up even the best students. Instead of focusing on all of those mundane details like narrative structure, editing, cinematography, and mise-en-scene (which, surprisingly, many movie reviewers ignore, which in turn leads to a lot of whining about the "unexpectedness" of a film's ending. I'm thinking of a review I read of The Son in particular, where if the author had known his Bible just a bit more, the ending wouldn't have seemed like such a shock...but, I've digressed), they tend to entangle themselves in answering the "big questions." I will admit that it is fun to use big words from critical discourse, especially since most of them signify nothing, but, frankly, if you can't justify your argument with examples from the film being discussed, I'm not interested.

Back to work now. Really. -Zh.


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