People sniff-
it smells like burnt flesh!
They've called out help.
Bright and shining!
In helmets!
Please, no big boots!
Tell the firemen:
A burning heart must be climbed caressingly.
I'll do it myself.
I'll pump out barrels of tears from my eyes.
Let me brace myself on my ribs.
I'll leap out! Out I'll leap! Out I'll leap! Out I'll leap!
They've collapsed
You can't leap out of the heart!

-Maiakovskii "Cloud in Pants" Trans. Carl R. Proffer and Mary Ann Szporluk

Alec's reply to Shelly has been completed, but you'll have to wait for it because my partner in postcard romance should have a shot at reading it first. She is doing half the work, after all. I'm bummed, however, that I had to remove my favorite line in the postcard because it didn't sound like Alec. As I wrote it and liked it, I knew that it would have to be cut. The line: "if you would allow me to become a realized metaphor." Admittedly, this is probably a cliché in and of itself, but a perfectly realized metaphor is an unnerving thing and Alec isn't unnerving, he's annoying. -Zh.


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