K. and I went fabric shopping yesterday at a woefully understaffed MacFab (the Fab is probably for "fabric" but it could also be for "fabulous!") yesterday. I had expected something more like Designer Fabrics down the road, but MacFab had a much smaller selection of higher quality fabrics that required less sifting through. It also had a student discount and a 50%-off-all-fabric sale. Several of my classmates from the sewing class also wandered into the store. Maggie, so-called because she looks like a paler version of Maggie Gyllenhaal, has looked stunned for the entire six hours I have known her so far, and looked just as stunned in MacFab. After wandering to the back and then the front of the store twice, she exited without having purchased a thing, even though all of the fabrics were half off. Meanwhile, I was standing by the cutting table waiting with a bolt of green shantung silk. K. was over by the display of pre-shrunk Italian linens guarding the last yard and a half on the bolts of dark gray and hot pink fabric. We were finally helped by a very kind woman who helped me pick out my lining and interfacing.

Thus, during the course of the next seven weeks this:

shall be transformed into this:

I apologize for the digitized nature of the second photo, but it had to be cropped.

In other news: Pussy Ranch simply hasn't been as funny as it used to be. I think the writer has hit a point in her life when describing people who frequent peep shows isn't that interesting anymore and, frankly, I'm not really into her brand of cultural commentary, so the new sex-industry-worker blog of choice is Belle de jour. She's linked under "Catherine Deneuve" because I didn't want to bother to figure out how to spell the director's name (it involves a diacritic). -Zh.


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