Since K. is still absent from the blog due to work, the lack of good light in which to take photos of crafty stuff, and the amount of time I suck up, I am going to give you your crafty fix. Sort of. I'm taking a sewing class through the TDSB this term and after two weeks, it's pretty cool. The instructor teaches adults how to sew and he's a professional custom person who sews (admittedly "sewer" is one of those words that looks like another word but means something different, but I don't want anyone thinking Bear can be likened to something unsavory), so he knows what he's talking about. Everyone in the class is making either a skirt of a pair of pants of his or her choice. Yes, there is one guy in the class. I was hoping that he would make a skirt too, but he isn't. Why don't men wear skirts? It seems as though they would be more comfortable than pants and I'm sure that plenty of women out there are turned on by a well-defined pair of calves and shapely ankles. I've chosen my skirt, I'll post a picture of the pattern later. It's a-line, lined, and has a waistband and a zipper. I figured that I might as well go whole hog on this one. K. and I are going fabric shopping this weekend for a nice linen.


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