I am still all smitten with the ability to include photos on the blog. Since most of you have yet to see our photos from Central Europe, here is the famous chain bridge in Budapest. If it looks familiar, it's probably because that's where the bad guy in I Spy hid the stealth plane he was fencing.

I have grown up since my last post! I have come around to being disfigured-by-acne Alec, although the name still skeeves me to no end. He's a bookish lad, with a penchant for randomly and inappropriately quoting Calvino and Camus (L'étranger and La chute, not La peste, of course), a love of Karel Teige (he tells everyone it's because he's edgy and unknown, but secretly Alec likes all of the naked boobs in Teige's collages), and a temper. I'm open to any other suggestions you might have. -Zh


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