So, I signed up for this faux romance by postcard thing and asked to be a boy, because, and I do apologize for my gender stereotyping, I wanted to be a jerk. Instead I'm a boy named Alec (and that name is skeevey for so many reasons right now) and I'm shy and have disfiguring acne. I wanted to be a stallion named Beppo who had a woman at every club in North America. I wanted to wear leather and growl at strange women. I would swear, but I'm cleaning up my act. I hope that K.'s as much of a milquesop in her faux romance character as I am. Frickin' disfiguring acne. How can I indulge in historionics when my name is stupid "Alec?" So, would anyone out there want to do a faux postcard romance with me? I desperately want to be a jerk. -Zh.


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