I have figured out how to "post" pictures to the blog! Of course it involves using another photo-hosting site and then an image source command (Who knew that those stupid little quizzes over at quizilla.com could be good for anything other than making you wish that you were marrying a cooler celebrity than Orlando Bloom? Maybe he'd be cooler without bad facial hair that makes him look like a fifteen-year-old. Then again, the options for marry-a-celebrity aren't that cool in general. Jon Stewart is not included! Travesty! But, enough of this parenthetical remark. It has gotten out of hand, especially since its main purpose was to point out that people who problem solve by analogy rock! How this relates to the lameness of my aforementioned nuptials to aforementioned celebrity is beyond me.), but at least I don't have to wait for the wankers here at Blogger and Google to figure out which way is up nor do I have to pay for my blog. So, now there will be more eye candy, less dissertation-centric blather, and the return of K.! K has sworn that once we could do the picture thing, she would start updating everyone on the crafty stuff she does in the evening. "People dig that," she swears. I believe her, but lately I've preferred reading the blogs of sex-industry workers. Click on "Kitty! Kitty!" for a good one.

Before I end this, let me make one dissertation-centric comment. Svetlana Boym? Rocks! She is the best thing about Harvard. Not that that's difficult...so...she's the best thing about Ivy-League Slavic Studies. That gives her a bit more competition, but still doesn't express her full glory. I'll be happy if my books are only half as cool as hers. -Zh.


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