Yesterday after sitting through the third annual minute film festival here, Ptichka and I went to the corner store on the way home to pick up some milk for morning lattes. It was chilly outside and I was wearing (stupidly) mary janes (although I'm wearing those same shoes and a skirt today) so I think that we looked sufficiently cold for the employee to talk to us about the weather. "It's cold out," he said. We agreed. Ptichka then commented, "It'll get colder yet." The employee then rubbed his hands as though he were trying to keep them warm, "It's going to by minus three tomorrow." "Yes," Ptichka answered, "It's going to be cold." She paid for the milk and we left.

Outside, I asked her, "Did he say that it was going to be minus three tomorrow?" "Yes," she replied. "That's not cold," I stated. "No. No, it's not," she answered, "but I like to humour them."


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