It's Hot in Here!

Well, not yet. It'll be hot in the apartment come Wednesday morning because it takes a few days for Mother Nature to get the place going. Currently, it's just stagnant in here, which is why Ptichka and I are going to go see March of the Penguins in a nice air-conditioned movie theatre tonight. It shall be awesome and I'll probably cry because the force of two of my favourite things (Antartica and penguins) being brought together in a single movie shall be overwhelming. The only thing this movie is missing is a duck. Then, I'd be guaranteed to be nothing but a quivering mess by the end of it.

I highly recommend the photo gallery if you're in need of cuteness.

And if you assumed that I was blogging from home on Sparky, well, I'm not. He's still sick. Ptichka finally talked to someone with his head not up his ass. They ordered a new display from Apple, received one that was DOA, send it back, and should have a new display by Wednesday. Hopefully, that means that Sparky will be in my hot little hands by Friday afternoon. Oh, Sparky, I miss you. And the first guy with whom I dealt who had been obsessed with the logic board is no longer about. Hmmm...


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