We Now Return You

Yes, it's back to my regularly scheduled life, which includes the following activities:
1. Frantically reading everything I can lay hands on about adaptations, even though most of the stuff out there deals with turning novels into film. It's a start, I suppose. I did download a couple of dissertations that discuss adaptations. I love other people's bibliographies. Don't worry, these dissertations have a home in my bibliography.
2. Attempting to re-create E.F. Burian's stagings of Mácha out of vague words like "surrealist," "dramatic," and "moving," although I think that in the mid-1930s "surrealist" meant something definite.
3. Battling with the library as it hides everything connected with émigré literature. The poor Herald has not been found yet.
4. Going to the movies. It's a Polish animation weekend and I'm going to go on the hunt for Aleksei Balabanov's oeuvre. I saw Brat (Brother) and it was cool. Cinematic manifesto, blah, blah, blah. It also happened to be an exceptionally well-done action/gangster movie with the obligatory nods to Scorsese. On one hand, it can be watched for its entertainment value (It has several of those cheesy time elapsed sequences to music that show the protagonist getting ready for his next hit. I love those.) and on the other, as a frightening indication of what is/was happening in Russia.
5. Making some mail art. It's been too long.
6. Spending some time with K. It feels as though we haven't seen each other in ages.
7. Dreaming a little.


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